Which is the Best Air Purifier of 2020?

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is an effective, efficient and affordable air purifier that is a finalist for the best air purifier of 2020. Coway Airmega 200M has a different look but offers the same great performance. The Molekule Air performed worse in Auto mode, reducing particles by 0.3 microns at only 18.0% (ambient) and 26.4% (clean). In Silent mode, it reduced 0.3 micron particles by 6.5% (ambient) and 7.2% (clean).

In Dark plus Auto mode, with its primary PECO purification system turned off and its fan at the equivalent of a medium setting, it reduced them by 21.3% (ambient) and 18.0% (clean). After careful testing and consideration, these are the best air purifier options according to our research. Any of the air purifiers below should improve indoor air quality, filter out smoke and particles in the air, and at the same time provide fresh air. Ion filtration technology does not produce significant ozone, as tested by the California EPA.

The Coway HEPA air purifier is one of the best air purifiers with one of the most adventurous looks for a medium-sized room. The Blueair Blue Pure 411 is a simple and straightforward purifier with a smart design and a good investment for a 160 square foot room, making it the best overall air purifier for small rooms. The Sharp air purifier does not offer as much cleaning power at almost double the price. If you have the money and want a super-powered air purifier or if you prefer a purifier to cover your entire house than buy one for each room, the Coway Airmega 400 could be the best air purifier for you.

This thing costs a dime but you get 1,560 square foot air cleaning coverage. The Levoit air purifier is a Good Housekeeping seal holder, thanks to its combination of value, performance and intelligent design. It has three-stage filtration which includes a true HEPA filter that helps capture even the smallest airborne contaminants in rooms up to approximately 400 square feet. It has a built-in precision laser sensor that accurately monitors particles in the room and automatically adjusts fan speeds as needed.

It is incredibly quiet, working at only 24 dB which you will appreciate if it is placed in your bedroom. It also has intelligent capabilities such as the Levoit app which allows you to monitor air quality in real time, view filter life, and set schedules. The Levoit LV-H134 covers up to 710 square feet with a CADR of 312 CFM which can generate some noise in the range of 18-45 dB. The Coway 1512 has a coverage area of 360 m2 ft with a CADR of 141 CFM which can generate noise in the range of 20-54 dB.

The Blueair Classic 605 is one of four air purifiers tested by Consumer Reports for an “Excellent” rating on both the highest and lowest speed settings. It uses HepaSilent technology which can filter 99.97 percent of particles down to 0.1 microns. Air purifiers work but unless you live in a particularly polluted environment or you or your children are immunocompromised, you probably don't need them. AHAM also tests air purifiers to determine if they meet ozone limits as ozone can be a by-product of some air purifiers.